Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Crash landing.

Today started constructive and educational and effective. I was ready to conquer, light of spirit. I had just finished at an appointment, that of course went smashingly, and was on to my next thing when suddenly… my body simply stopped. It said, “enough is enough,” and sneered at me as it broke down right there in the road.

At first I was simply flustered and thought, “I can fix this.” I then tried a jump start – a little energy food. But still it wouldn’t even turn over. Then I thought back and the proverbial light went on.

O-ooh. When it was on empty and I pushed through to have that wonderful conversation a couple weeks ago, then never did fill up properly on a complete night’s sleep… that was a bad idea? Doing that pretty much every night since, that was also a bad idea? Not taking heed when it sent a warning with a migraine wasn’t the right thing? Going all day with gusto on Sunday when I finally could have been sleeping, even that wasn’t smart? Hmm. Well, good to know.

Sadly, however, it is too late. Having barely managed to tow myself home, I am lying on my bed completely spent, and I just slept for quite a few hours. Lovely conversations with a lovelier man is such a warming idea, but… maybe a little restraint is now in order. (Damn.)

One thing I know... tomorrow I'm going to be an Energizer bunny on speed. Might make for some interesting posts!


whichwaydidshego said...

Wish I was as cute as the girl in the photo when I'm that sleepy!

Lori said...

(I bet you don't look that bad)

I'm glad you finally learned your lesson! And I definitely need an Energizer bunny on speed kind of day. See if you can pass some my way (Oklahoma), please?

whichwaydidshego said...

Well, it wasn't quite as bright and cheery (as in I STILL slept in!) as I thought, but good sleep meant a great physical therapy appointment... which made for a really good day. I'm feeling so much better now! Hooray!

But, honestly, Lori... I really never learn my lesson on this count. I always try to fit more in my day than is logical. It's the nature of an adventurous soul, I guess.