Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Little delights.

I know I’m going to seem like such an oddball for doing this, but I want to tout another blog. The thing is, it’s not your typical blog. It’s a blog for students in a classroom of the US equivalent to 2nd graders in New Zealand.

Room 10 @ PT England School gives their young students this opportunity to write a story, read it on film, edit the film, then post it online. You wouldn’t think it could hold your attention for very long, but each film I see is so sweet that I end up watching more and more of them. I find myself commenting on them, knowing how amazing that would have been when I was a kid to have someone from another country send me a note of compliment or encouragement.

These are, I believe, mostly Maori children, and it’s interesting to hear some of their stories, especially when it involves what they did on the weekend or about family life. It’s like little cultural exchanges in 30 second clips!

So wanted to share it with you all in case you need inspiration now and then. Because I assure you, these kids will do just that – inspire!

Aren’t they sweet?

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