Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The last hurrah.

So yes, I didn’t write this entry in a timely fashion as I was in mourning. You know, wearing black, lots of weeping. I’m sure you all understand… the US hockey team loosing the gold medal game in overtime was too much to bear.

I mean, Zach Parise scoring a goal for the US to tie it with 25 seconds left in the game was heart-stoppingly thrilling. Ryan Miller was absolutely inspirational in goal. The team as a whole played with passion and fight. But the day was Canada's, obviously.

Now, I don’t actually have anything against Canada… but their fans holding up signs that hockey is Canada’s sport really rubbed me wrong. I mean, which country keeps loosing teams to the other (Winnipeg Jets, Quebec Nordiques anyone)? Which country was home to a mere one third of the Original Six teams and only one fifth of the teams now? In other words, which country supports the league? I get that it’s their national sport, but to say that it’s THEIR sport (i.e. no one else’s), then why the heck is it in the Olympics to begin with? After all, the Olympics are about international sports. Yeah, I was riled.

Then there are the incredibly Canadian-bias announcers. This will never shut them up. Every single time they all made excuses for any problems… like the fact that they lost to the US earlier, or nearly lost two other times. Every time, no team had a chance in their eyes. A clue, MEN, a group of really talented guys does not a team make. And bias is bias is bias… please, for the love of hockey, stop making excuses and stop glorifying only Canadian players. I know, it’s a fantasy that will certainly now never be achieved.

You all know I also really don’t like the constant hype about Crosby. He’s good, but he’s not the best. But him scoring that game-winning goal in overtime? I’ll NEVER get to win that argument now – particularly with my Canadian family! Honestly, him being the one to score it hurt a lot more than them winning it. Still stings… a lot.

But mostly I ached for our boys who never let up, never wear even behind in a game in the entire tournament until that last game, who played with heart and without excuse. I wanted gold, but they deserved it. One thing is for certain, though... it was one heck of a game.

As for the Olympics as a whole, I had a great time. Apollo Ohno’s story was really delightful to watch unfold, seeing different countries winning in sports they don’t normally win in was exciting, and of course seeing all the men and women in flight one way or another was a blast. All the uplifting and inspiring stories that went along with the events were as always touching and wonderful. I’m glad I watched. Good show, mates.

And yes, gang, this blog in now an Olympics-free zone. Mostly.


Miss Eliza said...

Never Olympics free! Where will I get my Apollo fix... need... speed skating.... How sad was it that I got excited watching a Verizon Wireless ad just because my carrier sponsors the speed skaters?

whichwaydidshego said...

I'm glad at least SOMEONE liked these posts!

I do find it funny that you're ripping on Dancing with the Stars so much, but APOLLO WON IT one season!

I'm Verizon, too! And I'm that way with some of their ads... like the one about the new dad looking at all the babies (Hockey fans aren't like other fans)... "LOSER, LOSER, LOSER - BEST BABY IN THE WORLD!" Classic.

Ooo! I should put that up on my profile. That and that Old Spice ad, "I'm on a horse."