Sunday, August 8, 2010

Looking good.

I discovered this amazing program when organizing my eBooks. It’s called Calibre. It’s free and amazingly works with all eReaders, including Kindle from what I understand. (So if you have one, you should check it out!)

It does all sorts of things, including converting files into whatever is best for your eReader. But most of all, it organizes… so therefore I’m in love with it. It’s like iTunes for books – only better!

One of the features it has is a book cover scroll through option, like album art in the afore mentioned iTunes. I really had a lot of fun when setting up my library choosing the coolest covers to use. I thought I’d show you some of the best.

I think this cover makes the book look
far more interesting that I understand it is.
Covers from the 1950's & 60's tell such great stories on their own.

I love everything about this. It's evoking.
It's at once vintage and modern - my favorite combination.

I wanted to read this before, but now
I'm dying to know what it's about!

This is very much my style.
I can't explain why except to say at once it is
simplistic and visually impacting. It holds emotion.

Oh my gosh! Completely irresistible!

Come on - this just interests me.
Fascinated to know how this cool art
relates to the story.

There is a whole set of these super-cool covers.
It was hard to select just one.

So graphic, it expresses so much...

This one is actually a picture of the book
with a reflection of the Guinness sign at a pub
in Ireland (author is Irish) - fabulous!

This was an early cover which is
apparently much sought after...
with good reason in my opinion.

It was really hard to keep it to only ten, I found so many interesting ones. Love to hear what you think of them!


Miss Eliza said...

I LOVE some of these covers. I love it when they make gorgeous art as well as complete sets (aka the Michael Chabon is part of a set). Sometimes I think that I need to just bust out my computer and do cover art to replace bad cover art... there is a lot of bad cover art in the world, esp. when compared to the awesomeness that can be done (ie these examples!)

whichwaydidshego said...

Totally agree! That's one of the reasons I like the calibre program for my eBooks - I can chose the coolest covers. But of "real" books, I once ordered three Gaskell books from England because they had such fabulous covers. I had one of the titles already, but sold it to the used bookstore because the other was prettier. :D

Miss Eliza said...

I wanna see! Links Links Links!

whichwaydidshego said...

It started with the Cranford Chronicles, then the others were just kinda hip and I wanted the set... but now I'm SUPER annoyed because they just came out with Wives & Daughters... so now, even though I have both the eBook and an actual book of it, I WANT THIS VERSION. Grrr.

Oh, and they have loads of great covers on there, though some are pretty lame, too.

Miss Eliza said...

The Wives and Daughters is pretty. Yeah, I remember seeing those editions and being tempted, but I was somehow able to restrain myself. I know shock what?